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Microsoft Word - 60 Spectrum
60-120 Car Money Back Guarantee
60-120 New and used conquest cars sold in 90 days.
Money-Back Guaranteed if we miss the goal. Brings you 100 percent, conquest customers. Never pay for clicks, leads, or impressions again. Only pay for conquest buyers who actively buy. Our multi-channel marketing programs leverage rich data in real-time to deliver these consumers to your dealership from the moment they enter the buying cycle.
Behavioral Marketing gets your message to the right people first.
Live calls. Email. Direct Mail.
Smarter behavioral data drive sales for you in two key areas.
100 percent conquest prospects. Spectrum drives a steady stream of quality visitors to your website, where your organic processes and conversion funnels take over to produce profitable deliveries. We suppress your current sales and service customers to further guarantee that every sale is a 100 percent true conquest.
Jumpstart your dead leads. You're not alone. Every dealership's CRM loads up with dirty data from missed opportunities.
Until now, the tens of thousands of prospects who visited your store but didn't buy have been written off as dead or lost. No more. Spinn cleans up those leads and converts junk into sold units every month.
Verifiable results in equal web-based visibility plus analytics.
Our key performance indicator reports and sales matches give you the power of transparency and accountability with granular insights into your dealership's sales and marketing efforts, but all of your digital marketing, sales conversions, and ROI. Spectrum gives you the target list we use for your campaign, returns it to you clean with NCOA Aand CASS certification, and shows you every sale attributed to your campaign for your review. You simply will not get this level of accountability and valuable insight from legacy marketing or so-called digital vendors today.
Increase vehicle sales in 10 days.
Boost showroom traffic.
Call us today for a market study of increase verifiable conquest prospects. New clients receive $500 off their first campaign