Guaranteed Performance

We Guarantee The Number of Cars You Want To be Sold!

Spectrum Innovations takes the risk out of your marketing budget with our New Guaranteed Performance marketing program.

What makes our multi-channel marketing different?

  • Completely No Risk
  • If we don’t drive a minimum number guaranteed car sales… you receive money back.

How do we do it?

  • We know which consumers are currently in the market to buy or lease a car.
  • We know their brand patterns & financially relevant buying cycles.
  • We invest our expertise in your digital, direct mail & landing page campaign for your dealership.

How Can We Do This?

The reason Spectrum Innovations is willing to fully guarantee all of our advertising campaigns is that we have absolute confidence in our proprietary algorithms that identify specific model buyers. We know which consumers are going to buy/lease a car in the next few weeks thru brand defection patterns & financially relevant life changes.

How Do We Do This?
“Multi-Channel Marketing Bundle”

Our In Market Buyer Finder takes into account a consumer’s likely propensity to respond to a particular advertisement.  Spectrum is not limited to a particular type of advertising. Instead, we target each consumer in the way best suited to drive them to your dealership using our “Multi-Channel Marketing Bundle” concepts.

How Do You Benefit?

We market to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. We direct target your customers to intelligent ads and help them make an informed decision. The psychology of this is that they are comfortable doing business with your dealership, trust you, and believe they will be treated fairly.

We know this works!

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • There are no long-term agreements, simply results.
  • Cancel at any time if not fully satisfied.
  • No risk, only upside for your dealership.

Your dealership has only upside potential, and Spectrum Innovations assumes 100% of the risk of your campaign.

  • Average 36-60 Cars Sold
  • Hard Hitting Creative Message
  • Drives Lead Generation & Foot Traffic
  • Co-op Eligible & OEM Compliant
  • Minimal Cost per Car
  • Pay-for-Performance
  • Transparent 3rd Party Sales Matching thru CDK Global

Our mission is to provide dealers with:

  • Strong Measurable Results
  • Zero Risk/Guaranteed Sales
  • Affordable – Turnkey
  • Complete Transparency – CDK Global
  • We are not a broker – you negotiate & work your deals – do what you do best!
  • Marketing costs per car sold are well below national averages