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Marketing to customers and promoting your service and parts services can dramatically increase your gross sales revenue.

Like our popular Events mailers, our Service and Parts Mailers can get you maximum results based on the campaign strategy and message, the offer, and the target audiences.


Service and parts marketing. Fixed Operations Support. Capture new clients. Remind current clients. Restart lost clients. Innovative creative designs. Conquest new markets. Luxury market mailers. Hand affixed gift cards. Invitation mailer into script font envelope. Service clinics. Service scratchers. Test message or E-mail reminders. Intelligent Management and reporting. E-campaigns. We dominate in service. America's Automotive Marketing Leader.

Open Recall Prospecting = Real Time Prospects

We provide the most comprehensive source of vehicle recall and owner information available to serve automakers, dealers, consumers, rental car agencies, auto auctions and other enterprises.

• First 10-25% Service Drive Response.

• No company goes as far as we do to identify all open recalls, score and rank their relevance, validate vehicles and match them with their current owners.

• We leverage multiple data sources and innovative VIN decoding and matching techniques to identify which vehicles have unperformed, mandated recalls.

• Combined with information gathered from OEMs and dealers, we have created the largest and most comprehensive knowledge database available to help automotive businesses prioritize and inform consumers of the recalls that pose the greatest safety risk and opportunity for repair.

What we do to ensure the industry’s best source of recall data:

1. Obtain the latest OEM recall data and filter it to include only:recallsample
• Unexpired and open recalls
• Vehicles since the year 2000

2. Score and rank each recall based on our proprietary methodology that considers:
• Safety risk
• Repair profitability
• Parts availability
• Repair difficulty

3. Match recalls with valid vehicles by omitting total loss vehicles, repossessed vehicles, foreign exports, salvage vehicles, stolen vehicles, lost vehicles, and vehicles with no history.

4. Apply extensive digital forensics using more than 40 data sources to identify and match recalled vehicles with current vehicle owners and obtain their address, telephone number, and email address.

5. Report valid recalled vehicles based on:Recall---Estimated-Recall-Count-Report
• Overall recall score
• Safety risk score
• Profit score
• Vehicle age and mileage
• Zip code

Profit more from Recalls